Dirty, Dirty Sour.

For those of us who recognise the occasional and usually desperate need to take alcohol medicinally when trying to counteract the aching muscles, prolapsed throat, and chronic gut-collapse brought on by the previous nights misbehaviour, I offer a gift.

If you have ever found yourself considering ending your life with the an empty bottle, after promising never to drink again; you’ll know that in that condition, you’d probably try anything to ease the agony.

There are explanations offered for why drinking alcohol can help deal with the grizzly and regretful consequences of the previous night that are as varied and dubious as the people to tell us about them, and I won’t bother going into that: You can read more on that if you like here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hair_of_the_dog

All I know is that Hair of the Dog really works.

My favourite hangover cure is the Whiskey Sour. Whiskey delivers a blunt and uncompromising shock to the system, likely to perk up even the most hopeless case of Taurus Giblet. In order to take the edge off the Whiskey without diluting it’s potency, many enjoy a sugary, citrous mixture with their whiskey such as in an Old Fashioned or Classic Sour.

The problem is that in the sort of condition where simply making it to the kitchen to drink water feels like an epic saga worthy of wailing, gnashing of teeth and multiple status updates; jumping onto the train or bus to find your favourite Whiskey or cocktail bar is very likely to be the last thing you want to do.

Most pubs don’t stock the key ingredients needed for the real thing, (Why oh why is sugar syrup so rare in pubs ), forcing the patient to drink some inadequate substitute; usually something that is likely to make the situation worse like cider or beer.

When you find yourself hanging over the edge, with inadequate ingredients to mend yourself in style; let me introduce ….

The Dirty Sour:

One large measure of any whisky / whiskey ( it’s called dirty for a reason – in extreme cases, some have even advocated the use of rum or brandy in the absence of a passable whisky brand)

Half a measure of lime cordial ( bog standard stuff )

As much ice and fresh limes as the bar will let you have.


Squeeze the juice of the limes into the whiskey, adding the cordial. Be sure to place the squeezed limes into the glass too, where they can soak up the mixture.

Sip tentatively, paying attention to the involuntary pursing of your lips, balanced by the warmth caress of sugar.

As you work through the drink, you will find that you are compelled to drink more heartily.

By the time the drink is finished, you should now be picking out limes pieces and sucking the last drops of liquid from them.

Once again, alcohol is something to be lusted after.By your second Dirty Sour, you should be feeling the healing effects of the first. The searing muscle pain starts to dull, the belly becomes warm and loosens.By the third, you’ll wondering whether to get more cash out and make an evening of it. I swear by it. Yesterday, I drank four of them and manage to run 4.4 miles this morning.