I’m searching for cases for my new Sony Experia Tablet Z

Sony’s new 10.1 inch tablet is beautifully designed. It looks sleek and solid, it’s light and comfortable to hold in your hand, and easy to use. It is blazingly fast, being the first tablet generally available in the UK to make use of the Snapdragon 4 series processor from Qualcomm.

With such nice build quality, and after shelling out £400 to £600 for one, you want to protect it for as long as is possible. Seeing as Sony have YET to supply their UK stores with any case that fits or does a job of protecting it; I’ve had to look at some third-party cases.

These are reviews of the best I’ve found. I’m personally favouring the Krussell, for cost reasons. At around £45, the Zenus is a little too close to the listed £59 for the official Sony case, whenever they decide to make that available. A word of warning. The Krussell comes with a magnetised function for closing the tablet cover, which also puts the tablet into sleep mode. This can interfere with any background tasks you want to do, downloading, uploading or torrenting. I would find this annoying and will find out if it can be disabled before splashing out.



Once I buy one, I will review.