Ridiculous customer service sales support from Virgin Media

I have been searching Bethere’s and Virgin’s Broadband packages today. I got one of those virtual agent things pop-up. I decided to engage with it, assuming that it was probably going to be a real person seeing as the provider is Virgin. I explained what I was doing, what I was interested and what preconceptions I already had.

I then asked a non-standard question.

The agent ran away, and still hasnt come back.

Emma: Hi, welcome to Virgin Media. What questions may I answer for you about purchasing our services? Just type them in the box below …
Emma: Please let me know how I can be of assistance.
You: just trying to compare the deals vs. Bethere
You: Max Speeds are very attractive, but have been a bethere customer before
You: One question: I am an Ubuntu Linux user. Is there any requirement to be a Windows / Mac user to use any of the services or to install them?
You: I typically don’t need to use the software to set the service up on my machine if I am given the IP addresses, DNS addresses etc.
You: That’s where I love Bethere: ISP for geeks 🙂
You: Are you there?
Emma: If you should want information on other products and services you can call our sales team.
Emma: Just call 0845 840 7777 to speak with them.
Emma: Thank you for visiting us today.
Emma: You have a lovely evening, cheers!
Emma: Bye.
You: Sorry you didn’t answer the question
You: I don’t want to phone anyone, which is why I use the web!
You: No problem if you don’t know the answer, but you didn’t say
You: .
You: ?
You: ?

I just wonder. Why do they even bother?


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